Lilac and Rose

Breathe in slowly. Now breathe out just as slowly. Once again. Do you smell that? The lilacs have come into full bloom. Their fragrant scent fills the air like perfume. As we lie here together on the soft grass, a canopy of flowers arches overhead. Look up and watch them as they're blown by the breeze. See how they dance and sway so beautifully against the deep blue backdrop of the sky?

Intermingled with the lilacs are soft, graceful roses. Their fragrance mixes with the lilacs as they join them, dancing in the breeze. See how they twist and turn together in unity? Isn't it beautiful? Listen to the music. Do you hear it? It's the sound of their praises to Me, their Creator. They're dancing and singing with exuberance at being alive. This is "The Dance of the Lilac and Rose"--a beautiful performance that I have created just for you to enjoy.

If you watch closely, you can see that the petals change color with the music. As they sway rhythmically with the breeze, ever-changing colors stream across their petals, creating a vibrant effect. Let Me throw a special touch into this performance for you. There, a touch of sparkles to join the exquisite flowers in their dance.

They swirl from side to side, and up and down, spinning around in perfect time with the music. It's like a garden of dancers in step, in time, and in perfect harmony. Watch them, My love. They're for you to enjoy.