Enough to Hold Us Fast

By Maria Fontaine

If you are experiencing turmoil, difficulties, instability--any kind of negative emotions--you're in good company. Those are trials of life that everyone goes through periodically.

When in the midst of confusion and inner strife, it's important to remember that God is present to hold us, to comfort us, to reassure us that we're still His child and always will be. He's never left our side and He never will.

Though many things around us can change, one thing that is ever constant is God's love for us. That is unchanging, unending and unconditional. We can count on His love being there for us always.

As the Bible says, "Can anything ever separate us from the love of Christ? (1): Even death will not quench our love for Jesus and His for us; in fact, those bonds will remain and become even stronger, for we will be with Him forever.

When all around us seems to be failing, we can know that His love will never fail. Because we've set our love upon our Lord and King, He's going to rescue us. He's going to hold us high above any storm or tempest because we've trusted in His name.

Jesus, You've always been our strong tower in times of need. You've never failed to comfort us, to encourage us, to show us the way ahead, even if we've had to wait a little while for You to reveal it. Help us to trust You with our lives today. Help us to once again put our confidence in Your love. Even when our faith is shaken, remind us that Your power and Your love are enough to hold us fast. Amen.

May God bless you with great faith--the kind of faith that will weather the storms of life, secure in the knowledge that His love will be your anchor and protection in times of trouble.

1 Romans 8:35; New Living Translation.