A Magical Fountain

Focus on this: You're lounging casually on a soft reclining couch, enjoying one of My heavenly gardens. Not far from where you're relaxing is a magical fountain. Just watching it soothes your spirit. Nothing on Earth can possibly match its beauty. At first, its lofty jet streams and cascading pools appear to be some form of magical water, but as you focus more closely on them, you discover that they are actually a union of water and light-liquid light! A beautiful glow surrounds this particular fount. This shimmering aura undulates as if it's alive, changing colors in a seemingly endless array of hues and shades far beyond the simple colors of Earth.

The glow seems to be expanding outward, slowly getting larger and larger, but in a beautiful, peaceful way, just like a flower opening its petals to the morning light. Closer and closer it comes, until it's tickling the tips of your toes. "Step into me," it seems to call ... and you do.